Does Anyone Else Measure Cpl?

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Sorry, no new chemistry here :p

I just dug out a couple of bottles of mead that I made in 2000, and had a look at the label. As well as the date, OG, FG etc was a parameter I called CPL.

Basically, I just used to add up the cost of the ingredients and worked out the cents per litre.

This particular mead cost 80c per litre to make.

I never believed this hobby was about cheap beer, but I always found it interesting to compare brews and see the relative costs, as they could vary dramatically.

Does anyone else do this?
Funny you ask that question [cpl], the missus asked a couple of days ago 'how much does it cost to make the beer your making now compared to when you first started brewing, lets say per bottle or litre?' :huh: I would skite about how much I was saving then using cans :p now I don't know [and don't want to know] I just like it. :chug: