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I have a 2HP split airconditioner that's just about to be decomissioned. There's an awful lot of copper tubing in the compressor unit. Just wondering whether anybody has discovered a way of rehabilitating the tubing for brewing use.

Have seen this question come up from time to time on forums and the concensus has been a resounding no.

Metal surfaces do adsorb vapours over time especially under pressure as in gas lines in refridgeration gear and the chemicals in refridgerant are not something you would want to drink.

Even a good long soak in very caustic chemicals will not clean everything out as the gases that have been adsorbed into the metal surface will continue to slowly leach out over years.

It is a shame, but all that copper should go to the recyclers.

Do keep checking on your metal recycler, we have found long lengths of new copper, ss valves and various other good bits and pieces.
Suspected that, but thought I'd check anyway.

Its not just the residue of the gases, there is more than likely some acid and sludge in there which is not very nice stuff :(

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