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Meant to ask this a week or two ago, but forgot :unsure:

Did anyone else score one of the Cooper's new Dr Tim's Traditional Ale tinnies?

Basically it is their attempt to put Pale Ale in a can. The story goes they scored the beer franchise for the Big Day Out concerts, but they had to produce cans not bottles. As Pale is their strongest seller they wanted to get it in cans. They say they reckon it didn't taste quite the same, hence the name change (or maybe Dr Tim is on an ego trip).

Don't know if they made it in time for BDO nationally, but some popped up in bottlos in Adelaide.

I bought some with no little trepidation. When did Coopers last put out a decent packaged product? (think back to Heritage, Regency Draught and Light, Coopers Premium or Clear etc) But this was not bad. Easily the best tinny I've had in a long time (also the only tinny in a long time mind!)

But, a good approximation to the original. Cloudy, slightly fruity, clean - it even had yeast deposits when poured into a glass

Might be more about in a month or so - look out for it.
Found one of these in the local bottle-o tonight and decided to take a punt... :eek:

Not bad, but seems wrong having a (bottle conditioned) ale out of a can, even when Its poured into a glass...

Hmm.. Can conditioned....<_<

Like it much more from glass....

Or.. Maybe it just seems lacking because of the stout I was drinking beforehand.. :unsure:
I picked up a couple cartons of this for $15 through a deal some coopers made with a guy in my dept (they were doing work together).

Turned out that with the shrink wrap packaging on the 6 packs, the barcodes got put on in the wrong spot, so weren't scanning correctly at the bottlo's. Coopers had to pay to have their entire first couple batches shipped back to the brewery.

So i ended up with a few ...

I agree with stu in that they're easily the best beer I've had in a can, but I reckon they taste heaps diff from the bottle version.
I really like it. I like drinking out of a can every now and again.
I don't like cans that much at all , sometimes it can not be helped , weekends out in the boat etc
Plae Ale would be the go
I had my fair share of these cans the other nite :chug: , was gunna stop at four or five or so, so i could drive but man this stuff is lolly water i drained a whole tub of the stuff! :chug: :chug: :chug:
As far as a beer well it gets a pass <_< . Pale diluted down 5 points and put in a can. :blink:
Hey its a drink all nite and not get pissed beer :chug: , not anything worth talking about on a craft brewing site :(
I remember drinking cans of southwark bitter for a dollar a pop at a toga party at flinders university. I am not a fussy man, if the price is right.