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Hi all,

I'm about to brew my first attempt at an IPA, I've used the spreadsheet to come up with this recipe.

Coopers select IPA 1.7kg
1kg Coopers BE2
1kg Light DME
15g of cascade (10min)
15g of cascade (0min)
US05 yeast
Made up to 23L

Comments, suggestions?????
Only thing I would suggest is dropping half the BE2, or if you want to keep it pitch 2 packs of yeast and up the hops, double the additions. That's just IMO, not saying it wont come out good as is, expect a high'ish FG if doing as is
Spreadsheet says OG: 1.056 and FG: 1.014 as is. If I drop half the BE2 it comes up with OG: 1.047 and FG:1.011.
Those numbers seem fine to me
With half the BE2?

Both set of numbers look ok, your original recipe would make a more alcoholic beer though which could throw the flavours off.

I just did a coopers IPA for the first time recently and the bitterness isn't anything i would consider an IPA (the english bitter kit had more percieved bitterness IMO) If you were to make it more alcoholic I'd change the light DME to amber, or add 200g steeped crystal, and bump up the hop additions a bit to something longer than 10min.

Larger alcohol needs more flavour for the alcohol to cut through.
What do you think if I drop the BE2 and add another 0.5Kg light DME? maybe go to 15min and 5 min with the hops?
I have my first IPA on the go at the moment....

Coopers Kit
700g Dry Light
250 Dex
250 Maltodex
15 Cascade boiled for 5 min with 100g of the malt then let steep for 15 min
Kit yeast brewing at 22C
Topped up to 20 Litres

Similar to yours. It seems to have slowed up quickly, 3 days bubbling pretty hard and now very little action. Getting a bit nervous that I may have needed more yeast???

Hope we hit a winner???
Not sure why you'd add dex to thin it out and up the alc, then also add maltodextrin to thicken it up and not add fermentables. IMO just go all dme, maybe a touch of dex, like 100g if you're having trouble getting down to an FG you're happy with. Not saying it wont turn out good, just a bit of a wasteful way of doing it. Just IMO, so if it works for you, keep at it :)
I hear what your saying, that was what the LHBS recommended as the fermentable kit 500g Malt, 250g Dex, 250 Maltodx. I chucked an extra 200g malt and the hops in for the hell of it.

See how it goes I guess.
If it were me I would be doing at least a 40 min addition and most likly a 60 min additiomn to get the bitterness right up there. Your initial recipe has too much gravity and not enough bitterness for my IPA taste buds.
If it were me I would be doing at least a 40 min addition and most likly a 60 min additiomn to get the bitterness right up there. Your initial recipe has too much gravity and not enough bitterness for my IPA taste buds.
My personal opinion is much the same as husky's but the original recipe posted does have numbers within IPA specs. Remember that this tin is English in style, not a US tongue-scraper.

I did this kit once and it was by far and away the best kit brew I ever did. If I recall correctly I used 2kg of LDME, a small amount of crystal and 90g of Fuggles (across bittering, flavour aroma). In retrospect I would do it now with a similar amount of a blend of EKG and Styrian Goldings.
When I did this one I used

TC IPA tin
200g maltodex
500g LDME
600g LME

OG 1054
FG 1016

I didn't take note, but I'm sure I used the kit yeast made into a starter. I didn't add much of anything as I wanted to get a feel for the kit's own flavour for future reference. It tasted fine to me, although it could take more bittering if you like it that way. I started drinking mine at about 3 weeks, and stretched them out to about 5 months. They were good from the start but got subtly better as time went on. I reckon it would be hard to stuff this one up. From the amount of recipes I've seen it used in, it lends itself to experimenting with good results. Go with what you want and see how it goes.
Brewed the IPA up yesterday! Went with 1kg or light dry malt, 500g of BE#2, Safale US05 yeast 11.5g. Did a 6L boil with 15g cascade at 15min, and 15g cascade at 5min. Currently fermenting at 16Deg. Hope it turns out nice......
In future if u want to add some Nelson Sauvin u will get close to fat yak

I use the IPA as my base for a fat yak and add 1.5kg Pale Liquid Malt, 250g steep Caramalt and use almost equal additions of NS and Cascade, prob a touch more cascade then NS.

One of my favourite base kits though
Even though this thread was started 2 weeks ago...

Assuming the goop is pre-bittered, I would do something like:

Coopers select IPA 1.7kg
2kg Light DME
20g of cascade (10min)
50g of cascade (0min)
50g Cascade Dry Hop (5 days)
US05 yeast
Made up to 23L

I haven't done the Math, but your IBU's should match your OG.
So if your Estimated OG is 1065, then for an IPA, your IBU's should be about 65.
So adjust either the amount of hops for the 10min addition, or extend the boil time to hit your desired IBU levels.

But then Again, it's your beer and I don't have to drink it.