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I can vouch for the Bridge Road India Saison. Incredible beer! Best I'd had in that style since sitting in various bars around Brussels early last year.
I'd only tried their Chevalier Saison (which I thought was awesome), I'll have to track down the India.
The La Sirene Saison is awesome! :super:

I've had a couple of bottles so far and it is simply a pleasure to drink. Really enjoy the Bridge Road Chevalier saison. I grab a bottle everytime I go past the brewery. Their Nogne collab is damn tasty as well. Dupont is an excellent beer and pretty affordable. I haven't had any of the Feral ones though, will endevour to find them.

I admit I was only a newbie to these beers last year, but this style is well up there on my list. I'll be getting an electric blanket to brew some later in the year for next summer :D
True South in Black Rock have just announced that they will be brewing a Saison as their next Single Batch. Saison is the new black (IPA)!!