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Beer buzz gets new meaning

UPI - Friday, November 19, 2004

I've brewed a coffee beer once. Key word once.
Will be interesting to see how long it lasts.


Date: Friday, November 19, 2004 12:09:10 PM EST

LONDON, Nov. 19 (UPI) -- A British microbrewery has blended coffee and beer to make a beverage with as much caffeine as a cappuccino, the Telegraph reported Friday.

Meantime brewery of London began marketing the 4 percent alcohol drink Friday as a lunchtime pick-me-up and also as an evening accompaniment to chocolate and desserts.

Meantime is warning consumers, though, that it is not a beer to get drunk on, not least because its high caffeine content could leave drinkers feeling hyperactive.

A company spokesman said the new drink is a "dark mellow beer" with hints of vanilla and malt and best served chilled.
I've brewed a coffee beer once. Key word once.

Doc what happened? Brewed once with coffee, adding it to the boil. It was lost in that brew, any coffee notes (if any) would have come from the malts. After doing a bit more research, if seems the best results are adding the brewed coffee (freshly roasted beans, using a green coffee bean roaster ) in the racking stage or just prior to bottling or kegging. I was tempted to add some to a dark wheat beer recently, but it didn't seem right for that beer, and I don't have a coffee roaster (yet). On one of the US forums the concensus was that the coffee had to be freshly roasted. :unsure: :unsure:
I used a plunger and some lavasa coffee.
Added to secondary.
It was kinda weird, part of the brew was trying to relax you and the other was trying to get you up and going.
I think I also used too much (I don't recall how much as it was about four years ago and I'd have to find my brew notes from back then).

I reckon that Drew Carey is responsible for this coffee beer beverage phenomenon. Ever watch that show? They made a beer called "Buzz beer", I think, and sold it commercially.

One of the Coopers club first newsletters had a recipe for a coffee stout.

Ingredients were 1 can Coopers stout, 1 kg Coopers liquid malt, 1 cup good brand freeze-dried coffee, from memory. "To be consumed whenever you would normally have a coffee", according to the recipe. Maybe not for breakfast, I think, unless you work in a brew shop (lol) :D

Not too bad a beer, though, as evidenced by my friend's 2nd prize win in the Stout section of Newcastle Annual show's 1999 (last ever) Homebrew comp. He still spruiks about his prize-winning stout.

IMHO, it was a pretty good stout, and quite drinkable. Have even considered brewing it myself, but never got round to it (yet).
I note that Ashers caffeinated beer scored a bronze in the AABC comp, and wasnt far behind Docs Imperial Vanilla Bourbon Porter. I reckon his recipe is the way to go if you like a buzz off your beer.
CUB released a beer with caffeine in it a couple of years ago. they had a massive launch party for it at the bar i was working in at the time. 4 stubbies was supposed to have the same amount of caffeien as 1 of those 'energy drinks'

that was the only place i ever saw it.

some months after the launch party we found some leftover stock and had a drink after work. i had about 4-5 and then fell asleep on one of our couches for about half an hour, before being woken up when it was time to go home.

the beer was crap.

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