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Women love their beer
A six-pack of Honey Amber Rose not a dozen roses is really the key to a girls heart

Published Monday, November 8, 2004
by Steve Zimmerman

Abby Waters is at it again.
The local Boca Raton resident and entrepreneur has brewed up Americas First Beer for Women, Honey Amber Rose Beer. The microbrew is flavored with rosehips and honey and features no preservatives, low carbohydrates and low alcohol content.
Waters, who began dating business partner Kent Chamberlain when they bonded over an idea Chamberlain had for a beer thing, said Honey Amber Rose was a labor of lovein more ways than one.
As a woman, I hated beer, she said. It was a perception I had in my head that beer tasted terrible; it tasted terrible and it was packaged terrible. When we started to research it, we realized that rosehips were used in the early 1800s in beer but they didnt have much success with it because they could not separate the rosehips shells from the seeds.
Waters, always the inventor, thought it was a great idea to play with. She realized that women would love roses and maybe the look of the beer could be changed.
But we really didnt want to lose the men, she noted. So we came up with the idea that it would be reflecting the beauty of a women and all those that adore her. And we encourage men to put their arms around a honey too.
The beer has rosehips and honey so it has a fruity and honey taste. Honey Amber Rose will only have 4.2 percent alcohol.
Waters, a former President of the Inventors Society of South Florida, said the beer is already being highly anticipated, even before its unveiling later in November.
We already have gotten orders from Whole Foods Fresh Market and Crown Liquors has approved us to go in and talk with 22 of their buyers in December, she said. We are sponsoring the Red Ball in conjunction with Boca Magazine Dec. 3. And I will be on the float with the Red Hat Society Dec. 8.
So far the buzz is very exciting. Men are liking the beer and so are chefs throughout the community.
People who enjoy Belgian beer or microbrews are absolutely loving it, she said. People who never even drank alcohol are also enjoying it. The beer industry is over a billion dollar industry and if we can get any percentage of it, we will be happy.
The bottle has a mysterious looking woman on it by design.
That is the most interesting part of the story, Waters said. My graphic artist is black, Cherokee and white. I was driving and I called her and told her Honeys skin is too white. Her skin has to be amber color so she is no particular color. And, if you notice, there are no eyes on the image because she is the symbol of every woman. Honey is sexy but sophisticated.
The beer is being brewed at the Indian River Brewery in Melbourne, Fla. It will be on the shelves Nov. 20. There will be a taste-testing event Nov. 20 at Fresh Market in Camino Real.
For more information on Honey Amber Rose Beer, visit their Web site at

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