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Andrew Clark

Hi All
Just a stupid observation I made today, has anyone noticed that commercial beer drinkers will invariably only buy and drink one brand of beer ie, VB,XXXX ect. Yet homebrewers will usually have a stock beer that they make and drink but will also brew and drink every other beer style known to man, and enjoy doing it.
Why do non brewers stick to the one poison? does this reflect that they really don't like the commercial brews, and settle on "the best of the lot".
Any comments?
IMO it is ignorance.

They have drunk a particular beer for the past xxx years and to them that is what beer tastes like. Any deviation from it and the comment is "it's not like xxx brand".

However it is easy to convert these guys to even other mega-brand beers and to explain the differences in taste and what it means/is. Then it is only a small step to the micro/home brew beers and craft brewing.

However in the words of Stone Brewing they "have to be worthy".
No point in wasting your effort on the pig headed bastards.


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