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Hey guys,

one of my mates reckons he can fix me up with commercial stainless steel used empty beer kegs for a low price(perhaps free if i weep and beg) but im wondering can these be used for home brew? If not can they be adapted?
should i be bothering?

im seriously looking at going to keg before the end of the year(since i just finished my bench/bar setup in the shed) so any help would be hot.

Yep as far as I know you can use them you have to get hold of the coupling that goes into the particular brand keg you have e.g. "CUB" and the coupling can be adapted to fit your normal co2 reg. and taps. I've seen my local HBS bloke do it.
The only thing I don't like about it is they a bloody heavy when full.
I have a converted chest freezer that I lift the kegs into so I wouldn't like to lift one of those into it. But hey they are cheap.
get it it woild be good for a boiler or a kettle and a hlt kegs are hard to get legally but i would jump in lots of brewers would buy them of u if u didnt wont it
Using these depends on if your gunna do big batches.
but using them also depends on how resourceful you are.
If your like me and gadget mad the use for these kegs is huge.

what i have done is weld turrets to the top the same as you have on corny kegs and the old coupler connection has been removed to allow a whole which is bunged up etc after filling.

so mine don't need anything extra to service them they are just like a big corny now.
If you gunna do this the turrets the ball locks twist into are quite hard to find.

cheers jayse
ok i reckon ill see if i can get em, if i can get a few ill keep a couple so i can tinker, and if there are some left over, whoever in adelaide who might want one, can grab one. ill have to put the hard word on my mate to come up with the goods now he has promised me he can get em. heheh

I have a cub coupler taht i have not used yet - we might be able to do a trade or something.

Talk about it on monday...
sounds like a plan to me, ive got a mate who might provide me with a co2 fire extinguisher for nothing(within stamped date also) so i might be close to a result by the end of may i hope. we might also have to have a talk about some nice beer taps :D

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