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I have been brewing beer for a year or so now and have only just decided to go out and get a keg system installed. I have everything ready to go with only one big problem - I have an empty bottle of CO2.

I have been searching around forums on the internet and it seems that many people are having the same problem of not being able to get someone to refill their bottle because they either have a swap method or only fill their brand of bottles. (ie. AirUp)

I have an empty 22KG CO2 bottle that I acquired from a friend and it needs filling, it's compliant with all the Australian regulations but no one will refill it.

Can anyone help me out?
I live in Wollongong and local would be better but if it's not available I would be willing to travel.

Got a few piccies?? of the neck/date stamp. overall bottle and valve close up.....
I took some photos of it then, here they are.
I hope it helps.




Got a friend who owns a restaurant or pub??? do a swap with him, mebbe chuck in a case of brew too..
I do have a couple of friends who work in pubs but they tap their gas directly from a large bottle outside and there is no connection to fill a bottle without taking out the entire clubs gas line and I don't think they would be happy about that.

I may still have an old account with BOC would they be able to help me out if I was able to find the account details?
Muga that bottle looks like an Air Liquide bottle (it has there sticker on it) and I would say that Boc will be very reluctant to fill it. Try taking it to an Air liquide agent that does refills they may be able to help.

Mothballs, you hit the nail on the head there!

I just went on the Air Liquide website and it turns out there are plenty of agents in the area that are willing to refill the bottle with food grade CO2 for $50.

The place that is filling (or swaping bottle) it is as follows;

B & E Gas Supplies
Shellharbour Road
Port Kembla, 2505.

Tel: 42761006
Fax: 4276 1303

Thanks very much for your help, it's much appreciated - you have made this a happy day indeed!
It's all been swaped over and ready to go, thanks again.

EDIT: Wahoo - all up and running now, just gassing my first keg! :D

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