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I have just finished cutting the top out of two kegs , one an old 18 Gallon job.
Now it's not really a problem but , if I were to deciede to polish the kegs up to look all smick , what's the easy way to do it ?
I am not interested in rubbing for hours with wet and dry , some type of acid?
Just leave'em how they are ? who gives a f#ck anyway ?

Cheers Batz
:blink: :blink:
:ph34r: What are you going to use em for ??
if they are to be used as boilers or fermenters shiney wont improve the taste one bit..!!!!!!
I agree polishing will only change the look. nothing else.

But shiny is good.

The best thing to use would be pickling. Its an acidic compuond paste used to clean a stainless weld.

This acid eats away at everything but stainless and will remove all contaminants. you just brush it on and wait 10 mins then wash it off.

I have never bothered with the outside but always do the inside.

Be carefull it is very potent.

You can get it from all welding supply shops.
Well I painted the outside with acid , then hosed it off , looks a lot better.
No not all gleaming but OK
I am going to use one for a boiler one for HLT , I know looking smick will not affect the taste of my brews , but that's just me , I build something it's gotta look good too.
You're gunna be jealous when I finish and post picks :D :D :D :p :p
being a northern brewer batz where do you get your grains from ????
Big d
Best thing ever happened up here a bloke started a homebrew shop out of his house.
Now I can order what ever I require and he's cheaper than me having it send up.
I used to order from 'Malthouse' they have a website and are good.
They will sell me 25Kg of Pilsner malt for $55 , plus frieght, this guy will sell me one landed here for $56.80 , not bad
OH Grumpy sells same thing $45 , but who wants to live in the city hey?
1/2 your luck batz im still trying to see what i can arrange
there is a new bloke posting on grumpys from darwin who all grains so will have to see if he gets his stuff local or freighted in $$$$$$$
What about opening your own home shop ?
Where are you anyway? Gove?
gove it is batz
trouble is im not to sure if the homebrew population would support no idea how many people homebrew however im converting a few people away from kit/kilo with good results.
maybe i could go the co-op idea and get a few people together and order in bulk and split/bring down the freight costs.
maybe worth an ad in the local rag to gauge the response
Did you know Greg Foster or do you know Warren Britza
Funny how people always ask shit like that hey?
Know several people from Gove , mining people get around hey
yeah i knew greg and warren by name is familiar
Worked with both
Warren was my supervisor here for several years , he could tell you some stories about me , but I could tell you some better ones about him !!
Should have told you , Greg won Lotto ! moved to Tassie to buy a woodworking craft shop

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