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Anyone had a taste of Chopper Heavy ?

Here is a link to the website.

The website doesn't have a lot of info but

A boutique brewed Australian lager
100% guaranteed to get your ears off.
Nailed to the cross his end was very near,
he called to the roman for one last drink
and smiled when he got a beer.
ALC VOL : 6%

I found a 4 pk of this at a bottle'o in aberfoyle park, and couldn't resist it.

It's waaaay overpriced for what it is - essentially sort of an almost aussie premium lager with a teeney bit more malt, and of course a bit more alcohol. It did have a surprisingly high level of bitterness for an aussie beer, which I assumed was POR but could have been something else. The bitterness was the only thing going for it i thought

IIRC it was like $14 for four ......
Just as long as you don't do like Chopper did in the movie when he was sitting on the barstool. (Let it all hang out) :blink:

What was it the two detectives said;

"Jesus Chopper put it away!" :lol: :lol:

Warren -
Lame. I bet it tastes like piss. "Jesus, Chopper, put it away!"
taflex said:
Lame. I bet it tastes like piss. "Jesus, Chopper, put it away!"

"Chopper Heavy" It's back and a damn good drop even if I say so my good self. Just enjoy it boys!
By the way...get the spelling right. "Read" not the germanic way you spelt it.

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