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1 x Munton's Gold Docklands Porter
1kg Morgan's Chocolate Malt extract
100g chocolate grain
24g Fuggles hops (2 x 12g hop bags)
3 x 875g jars Pitted Morello Cherries
White Labs WLP028 Edinburgh Ale yeast

Place grain into a coffee plunger and fill with water hot from the kettle (do not worry about "mash" temperatures, as you only want the flavour and colour) and steep for 30 minutes. Place the hops into a 1 litre jug and half fill with water hot from the kettle. Steep for about 20 minutes.
Mix the Docklands Porter with the chocolate malt extract in your fermenter. Add the contents of your "hop pot" to the fermenter. Press the handle down on your coffee plunger to compress the grain and pour the liquid off into your fermenter. Mix the contents through and top up to 19 litres.
Add the yeast and begin the ferment. After three to four days, transfer the wort into a second fermenter on top of the 3 jars of cherries. Ferment till completion.

This is a fairly strong dark ale with a ton of cherry taste. It is superb when tapped with nitrogen, but if you do keg this, try to bottle a few first and age them for at least twelve months.

As always, if anyone tries this brew then drop us a line here and tell me what you think



EDITED: White Labs Premium Southwold Ale yeast (WLP025) is now in "season" and it would go even better with this brew. It accentuates fruit flavours and adds a hint of citrus.