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big d

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try as i might i cant get on chat.anyone else having probs or is it just my comp playing havoc?

big d
No problem on my end, I'm in there watching you join and then quit.
i keep on getting an error message and when i hit ignore it bombs me out.
oh well will keep on trying.if i cant get on say hello to all.i mean well ;)
Hi Big D,

It appeared that you just dropped out last night as well.

Just went to chat and was talking to myself.
Might watch the footy for a while.
hi dicko hows it going
yeah comp line probs last night and tonight had to re download java just to log onto chat which i eventually got onto.weird no idea why if i did i guess you could call me bill gates.and then i would be so rich all you guys would be working at my brewery making australias best brews earning a huge salary and pissing off the major players.and we would all be having a great time expressing our freedom of brew making. :rolleyes: dreaming again

big d(reamer)
Yeah, I'm good Big D,
Just went there again ( after those bloody crows lost - not tippin' them again ) and still no one was there.
well im online at the mo as well as a swag of adelaide and other state brewers dicko.think i sorted it out again

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