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Winter's Flat's #1 Brewer, now that XXXX have move
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Hi all
The brewing bug seems to be getting me ever so slowly
Up until 6 months ago I was content with my home brew shop in Bendigo, but how things have changed in that time
I was happy to be able to get a tin of muntons, coopers, cascade Etc. some dextrose, light or dark dry or liquid malts.
But on asking why there was no liquid yeasts (can get it but it out of date by the time I get it ) :blink: , where's your grains (nah, you only need them if you mash, stay away from that, it's a waste of time, the kits make as good a brew anyway) :blink: , do you have the How To Brew by JJ Palmer (thats only for all grain brewers) :blink: .
Does not even have tins of malt extract, so I'll be buying all my stuff in future from G&G in Melb or Grumpy's in Adel by mail order.
Some people just never learn

my local guy is the same. "This is the best way, no other way is worth trying" is the mentality they have.

Grain and grape is awesome, they are very helpful, and i will certainly be using them more in the future.
yes well i would see their point of view in that they probably only want to sell the stuff that they have on hand,i would think that a lot of hbs do not have a huge turnover and the guys are only trying to make a living, they cant stock every item that we want it would be impractible for them ,especially low volume products,we do the same in our butcher shop in a way,if a customer comes in and says what is the best steak today, the porterhouse or the t-bone well we always sell whatever we have got the most of if they are of the same quality.