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FWIW the name Big Beer Belly no longer applies to me.
It is not that I have gone on a crash diet or anything like that but with help from ozdevil (Thanks mate) I have finally gained a connection to the "chat area" on this forum and to access that area I had to change my nick name to one that was accepted.
My new name on this forum is "dicko" and fiscus has been kind enough to change it for me, so from now on i will be known as dicko but to those who know me personally I will still have a big beer belly.
Good on ya for comin' out the closet Dicko! You dont have to be ashamed of who you are!!! :p :p

(p.s. Why didn't you just call yourself BBB_AHB)
Gday Dicko

I was glad to have been able to help you out in gaining a connection to the Ahb chat...

I was worried for a second thou dicko when you you couldnt connect specially after we ran throu your settings to my settings to see if they are setup the same

anyway enjoy using the chat

Gday Wedge,
As we were going through all the problems to connect over the phone I had to think of another name REAL QUICKLY so I used the name that I have always had since childhood.
When I got onto the chat area I tried to change it by /nick new nick but it doesnt seem to work for me.
I have had computers since 1998 and i am now quite used to things not working for me like they seem to for other people.
When you live where I live and it costs a fortune each time you get someone to come out to help it is easier although sometimes inconvenient to take the easy way out.
Another problem is ; what do I do on the other forums, Grumps and Goliaths?
No No !! :eek: :eek:

Your big beer belly not Dicko ! :p

Use dicko for chat if needed but bring back BBB , we miss him !!
no problem, the pic set me straight as soon as i saw it. just give us a few weeks to acclimatise before changing it!
Fiscus has done the deed fellas - name is changed,
You guys can call me anything you want - within reason.

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