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What brewing software do you all use?

I tried out a whole heap until I settled on BrewLog, created by a mob in Western Oz. Although I'm a registerd owner, the comapny seems to have vanished, The web sit is still there, but there have been no updates for several years.

It's good, but I figure by now there must be something better out. I've heard Brewers Workshop or Suds are quite good.

Can anyone recommend anything? What do you all use?

I haven't used it but have read good reports on promash

Good morning Reg .........I just downloaded Promash and like what I see , looks easy to use .........? I hope a scientific responce to brewing for an old addled brain ! The water program will assist me in a big way .
I liked the site you ref. to "St. Pats", made some enquires re the soda kegs for 20 US bucks , asked them to quote me for a pallet shipment , I await their reply .
One thing re the promash site that got up my nose is that I could'nt find out how many dollars ..? but I guess I'll get to find out !
Promash is US$25, from this page.

I picked up the latest issue of Zymurgy while up in the US this week. They have done a review of Recipe Formulation Software (as they put it).
When I've read the article I'll post back.

Just received notification this morning that there is a new version of Promash (1.8a)
It also now includes grain information for Australian Munich, Pilsener and Pale (2-row) malts.

I just wanted a simple program for logging my brews, I couldn't find one so made my own database.

I then came across this great program and best of all its free. Brewlog

If you are looking for a program to log your brews I would give it a try.
I have been using my own database I wrote in MS Access for quite a while now. It isn't really of any use to a mash brewer, but is excellent for kit and extract brewers. Originally I was going to convert it to VB and release it as shareware, but the time it would take a VB illiterate like myself to do that to an acceptable public standard has crushed the idea. It still works fine in MS Access and perhaps when I add the last finishing touches I will post it here for you all to use.


Been using the new (1.8a) version of ProMash for a week now, and the nicest function is the ability to export your recipes in HTML format.
This makes it really easy to put you recipe files on a web server. You can also create your own theme for the colours of the export.
If you are brewing all grain I highly recommend the new version of ProMash.


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