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big d

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hi fellow AHBers
just wondering after a great brewing year in 04 what your brew plans are for 05.
considering i got into ag brewing at the start of 04 ive brewed many styles to get a feel for the ag caper.
ive done porters,stouts,way to many american heavy hop beers and a few british beers,octoberfests,pale ales a hoegarrden style and have finish with a schwarzbier.

in 05 i reckon i will concentrate more around real ales,a few hophead brews and a porter or three.oh and will try some styles i havent tried yet.belgians :rolleyes: mmmm time will tell.must forget some lagers either.

big d
g,day big d and all fellow hber,s yep, going ag, in feb to early march at this stage and after k&k looking forward to the next err natural step,got about 90% of what i reckon i need,just need to put the remaining 10% together/aquire it and i am in there like a rat up a draine pipe! being in the building industry it is staggering the amount and quality of usable bits and pieces that are thrown onto the scrap,rubbish heap that a hb,er can or would find useful.
My plans are to just be able to brew consistently good beers. Maybe move into all grain, definitely try some partial mashes.
This year the plan is to:

Further develop my Saison
Finally nail a Weisse with decent body
Start brewing some English bitters
Build a decent brew sculpture
Get a march pump or similar
Start growing some hops

This year I will be doing AG in small batches. 12-13 litres. As I cannot drink the brews I have been making quickly enough I thought I would go this way. I have the ability to do this with my current setup without spending any more dosh.
I will also be able to make a few more styles as I will be finishing them off quicker.

2005 will see me trying to develop more original AG receipes. I have done my first which is in secondary now, an Amber Ale style, but want to start brewing porters, bitters, wheat's and have a dab at some of the European styles.

Can't wait :)

Doc - a beer sculpture? this sounds like a most noble venture - can't wait to see the results of it

for me and the brew team - well first off some AGs which i am yet to attempt and my wife [for cleaning reasons] would be very nervous about if ever i am man enough to tell her about

some fruit flavoured beers

and of course refining the chicken beer recipe - second attempt at this coming soon
im brewing rauch beer tomorrow ,stout soon and onother apa in my holidays then who know but lots of beer
Just started playing with extract and am planning on using/learning the following:

- More Extracts
- Liquid Yeasts
- Mini Mashing

hopefully I will have learnt enough within the next year to move onto AG in 2006 (Unless I am totally satisfied with mini mashing and extracts then I will leave it be)
my first AG weizen will be first up in 2005. will also give belgians a go. once i grab a ferment fridge the perfect pils will be my holy grail
At the moment I have the following in mind,

- build a 50L kettle from a keg I have.
- build/aquire a larger MLT to enable 45L bathces.
- get a bigger fermentation fridge or build a temp control setup for a 50L fermenter.
- set up computer control of the kettle and fermenter fridge and anything else.
- perhaps commission tap #3

- keep working on a good munich helles
- keep working on my english bitters
- brew some more stout/porter
- try some more lagers if i get a bigger fermenter fridge :)

May even try and track how much grain & hops I use for the year. Should make for an interesting tally at the end :eek:
...and make that barleywine I keep threatening to make!
Move Batz brewery to a much more scenic location

And brew lots more beers , getting a love for english ales , but still love my lagers and pils as well.

Start and AG group in Qld.

Cheers Batz :ph34r:
I now have pretty much everything i need to start doing full batch all grains, so my plans are:

- finalise The Boots Brewery - Phase 1 (get the gear in a situation to brew without worrying about building a brew stand)
- I have two friends who are going rabid about starting allgrain too, so will do a few brewdays with them to sink the hook
- The Boots Brewery - Phase 2 - create / get a brew stand like Doc is thinking of
- finalise the keg fridge with taps on the door instead of picnic faucets
- get familiar with a lot more ingredients
- brew heaps of apa's, a couple of english style ales, and maybe a brown / porter
- brew more than i did this year :D
Would love to.....
Find a rental house that is suitable for brewing
finish brew stand
get a small cold room
make a SS conical
build a new keg fridge
join Brisbane HB club and open the lines of communication between clubs so we can take advantage of bulk buying power
learn more about styles of beer and be able to judge beers better
enter a few HB comps
brew a few different styles of beer.

Can't speak for Tracey & Shirley, but for me:
1- Sanitise better, without being paranoid.
2- Rack to secondary every time.
3- Brew a bit less volume but aim for much better quality.
4- Start getting gear together to start doing extract brews not kit, then PMs, then watch & learn until ready to step up to small batch AG.
5- Look after the gear we do have better- clean and stow it away properly after each brew or bottling session.
6- Build a cider press
7- Try one new idea each month, or at least every couple of brews- a new style, a different adjunct, a changed technique.
8- Be less impatient with the yeasties, leave the fermenters and bottles alone to chug on by themselves.
9- Never have more than two batches on at the same time- the bottling becomes a chore to be gotten through, not a pleasure.
10- Give up smoking. Sorry, that's a different list.
Well, New Years Day I will be brewing my Scottish-Belgian spiced ale,

First thing I want to do is try my hand at some Sumerian type bread-beer, then try my hand at malting.

First batch might be a sun-dried mix of barley wheat rye oats and make a medieval ale, then move on to kilning, making roasted malts etc. Bet I will learn a heap from this!

All thanks to the customer who gave me 20Kg Sloop barley.

I also look forward to making some corn beers, in the style of the South-Central Amreican Indians. Small scale, just to do it once and see how it works, how such beers would taste.

I guess in 2005 I should get off my fat arse and brew a Kolsch and a Pilsner, mebbe an Alt beer or two as well. Mebbe a CAP/Cream Ale--no 6row in Oz but I think the JW Pils will handle a fair bit of corn.

Generally, keep on having fun brewing!

Jovial Monk
Another body moving to Queensland (Maroochydore) at the end of January, so like Hoops will be on the look out for a rental property suitable for brewing. Looking to trying my hand at Pilsners, when I've finished relocating.

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