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I place a bread crate upside down and it will hold 60 or more stubbies comfortably for draining. Just poke their necks through the criss-crosses, and they all stand upside-down and drain nicely. Most shopping centres have one or two sitting out in the street.
Don't know. I haven't tried large bottles.
A good draining rack can be made from off-cuts of galvanised reinforcing mesh that they use to in concreting. You can make them any size you want & bending the ends will give you the legs. Big bottles can fit into every 2nd square. 17 squares x 11 squares will give room for 20 biggies ( with the ends bent down 3 squares for the legs & the sides bent up 2 squares & a bit of scrap welded to the sides at each end for handles). Confusing, isn't it.
Don't own a camera. Hope this helps.

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