Bottle Priming After Lagering

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I made a coopers blonde (with the included yeast), which I did with an Amarillo flavour/aroma boil with 500g Dex and DME to adjust gravity.

22/12/2011 - OG: 1.048 @ 21c
28/12/2011 - FG: 1.010. Now @ 0.5c
08/01/2012 - siphoned off yeast cake into secondary, set to .5c.

Getting my kegging rig keeps getting pushed further and further back, so I'm thinking of bottling this batch. If I bring it back up to 20c, will what yeast is left in suspension be enough to still carbonate properly in bottles?

No need to raise the temp (prior to bottling - after bottling they will need to be at least the minimum temp the yeast works at). Beer should carbonate fine after 2-3 weeks lagering (presuming I read your dates right)
I think you can bottle cold, with sugar in bottle, and then leave bottles at room temp and all will be fine.
Cheers, gentlemen.

It has been lagering for 3 weeks and was siphoned off the yeast cake half way.

So I can bulk prime and bottle at current (1c) temps and then just allow to rise to 20c~ once bottled. No issues with there not being enough active yeast left?

What about if I used gelatine finnings before priming?

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