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anyone made a botttle capper from an old drill press??? got one for nothing the other day and any tips would be handy .

thanks halfinch
Haven't done it but it shouldn't be too difficult.
You can buy the bell for bench cappers seperately so would just be a case of mounting it in a spring type mechanism.
Have you got or had a good look at a bench capper to guide you ?

yep got alend of one from a mate that ive been using for the past dozen brews but about time i gave it back. just thought someone might have some great ideas. thanks doc...

by the way, should the bell have some type of rubber or o ring in it????
Someone made a benchcapper out of an old car jack (non-hydraulic) base, mast and handle all present, bell came out the handcapper he got with his starter kit, some fittings etc, voila! benchcapper for $5.

Never seen a bell with O ring in it

Jovial Monk
stupid question halfinch did you ever drive "the chook shed" ???? :blink:

If your going to bottle , then your capper is bloody important , be a devil and spend under $50.00 on a decent one :ph34r:
I vote with Batz. When a mate and I started brewing we did something very similar, put the hand capper bell on an old drill press. And guess what, about 1 in 4 bottles was seriously undergassed and a bit stale tasting. So we went and bought a super automica and havent had a leaky cap since.
from an old drill press... i love it.. :lol:
I made my capper from a little flypress that was used to set press studs. I was able to fit a capper bell to it with a screw and I cut the anvil off and made a little locator for the bottle neck. It is fast, simple and seemingly idiotproof.
Warb, If you still have the drill chuck, it will be easy to screw the bell off your hand capper then mount a metal thread screw and nut to it and hold it in the chuck, making sure the top of the bell is hard up to the chuck jaws. Oh, and put a bit of ply or something on the drill platen to cushion the bottle.

get a super automatic capper i got one and no probs
Tony M

That is superb mate !

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