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Blichman backflush, thrumometer & silicon quick grips

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by caney, 16/4/19 at 2:56 AM.


  1. caney

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    Posted 16/4/19 at 2:56 AM
    Have changed over to camlock fittings, so up for grabs:
    1. Thrumometer 3/8 size
    2. Therminator backflush hose
    3. 2 x 3/8 quick grips, 1 is 90 degree bend
    4. 3 x 1/2 quick grips, 1 is 90 degree bend
    5. 5 x nuts, 3 with 1/2 hose
    All in good condition, slight green hop stain on the Thrumometer.

    Looking for $80 posted.

    Thanks Caney 20190416_104936.jpg 20190416_105049.jpg 20190416_104936.jpg 20190416_105049.jpg

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