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Howdy all,
Lots of great threads on here, but I have a few questions if you dont mind.
I used to put my home brew into bottles but I am hopeless at sterilising the bottles. I made probably 4 batches of homebrew in the past 5 years and only 1 turned out worth drinking. The rest were used to eat the mould from the laundry toilet ;)

I have recently bought a kegging system and have installed the whole thing into my fridge - no sweat.

I made a batch of Mexican Cerveza beer with an SG of 1.038 and fermented it down to 1.008 (I think thats what it was - notes at home)

I sterilized all my gear - the transfer tube and the kegs with some pink PSR powder and rinsed half a dozen times. I then whacked the transfer tube into the bottom of the keg, attached to the tap and transferred said beer to keg.

As per the instructions from my local homebrew shop, I applied some gas (at about 10psi), and burped the keg. Then put it in the fridge with the gas attached at 31psi. (2 days ago)

I tasted it and aside from being a tad watery, it doesn't taste too bad at all.
It is very murky. I tapped off 2 or 3 full steins (had to be over a litre) and it still looks lke sediment. Will this clear up or have I borked it?

I have been reading on here about double racking? What is this? Should I be doing this?

Sorry for the newbish questions. But cheers!


It basically means to run the beer fron the fermenter once it has finished fermenting into another clean fermentor or 20 litre food grade jerry can and cold condition it by putting it in a fridge. This will help the beer clear and taste better.
When your ready to keg just rack it off via the tap into the keg.

Ahh... excellent. So does this mean my beer won't clear up because I didn't do this?

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You will need to ask one of the keg experts as I still bottle mine..

Maybe Doc or Gsrman can help???????????????

Give it a week or so (if you can hold out that long) and your beer will clear in the keg.

Best bet is to secondary as suggested to clear your beer. You can also use finings if you have having difficulty getting clear beer when you rack to secondary.

I'd just drink it (your current brew) and know next time to rack to secondary and give it a week or so (depending where in the fermentation stage you are) before kegging.

You won't look back. Kegging is the way to go.

Here I sit with an icy glass of very nice (but murky) Mexican Cerveza.
Honestly, I doubt it will last long enough to clear up! lol.

When you put it into the second fermenter, its best to put it in the fridge right?

I have to say, without a doubt, this is the nicest homebrew beer I have ever made. I am THOROUGHLY enjoying this!
You are thinking of cold conditioning.
When is secondary you usually keep it at the same temp as primary then cold condition later for lagers.