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Just announced is proud to announce BeerBot, a brewing calculation utility available now for Mac OS X (Windows version coming soon). BeerBot assembles many useful tools for commonly performed brewing tasks and makes the calculation process much easier.

What does it do?
- Unit conversion of 14 types of measurement including Color, Concentration, Diastatic Power, Duration, Energy, Gravity, Heat Capacity, Length, Mash Thickness, Mass, Pressure, Priming Rate, Temperature, and Volume.
- A color feature is useful in visualizing the approximate color of a beverage in units SRM or EBC.
- A suite of Mash calculators makes it a breeze to determine strike temperature and infusion rates.
- The %Util. tab is a sophisticated graphical hop utilization plotter which considers such factors as wort density and boil length.
- The SG tab makes quick work of hydrometer reading correction.
- %Atten. gives the details of your yeast performance.
- Also included is a set of tools to take the mystery out of beer carbonation when priming or using forced CO2.

What are the Requirements?
BeerBot runs on Macintosh computers with Mac OS X 10.2 or greater, and 256MB of RAM or more. The Windows version will be available later in 2005. BeerBot requires a license to be fully enabled; otherwise it runs in demo mode and is functionally restricted. In demo mode the Color, Mash and %Util. tabs are disabled.

Get Your Free Download!
You can download BeerBot for free by visiting this link:
Let me know your thoughts Kai. I got the demo model (without the mash function) which is basically useless. I will surely get the full version but interested to know what you reckon.
I think the demo is still useful for working out alcohol at least. If you need something for simple calculations on mash temperatures and hop utilisation, then I think it's worthwhile. It's not expensive, after all.

For hop utilisation it lets you choose from a lot of different formulas (Basic, Daniels, Fowler, Garetz, Mosher, Rager, Tinseth), but you can only calculate the IBUs for one hop addition, so for multi additions you need to enter and add them up separately.

The mash tab also includes bits for multi-step infusion or decoction mashes, but I've never done those so I'm not sure how well done it is. It looks ok to me, though, however I think it could use a little more intelligence in automatically filling in values from the previous step.

I think if you view it as a simple utility for basic brewing calculations rather than a complete recipe generating package like promash or beersmith, then it's worthwhile. But, I also thing it was worth registering to help encourage further brewing software development for the mac.

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