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Beer Fridge For Sale

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It's a sad day when a man has to sell his beer fridge, but i will be using the money to help fund my small business i am currently setting up.

Just to make things clear i am not giving up brewing. Just the kegging part till i have more space, time and money again. Back to bottling for me.

The fridge is a Cyclic 410 Kelvinator painted in black paint. Pours like a dream. Much Loved.

The fridge has

* 3 x 19L kegs
* 3 way gas manifold
* quick connects and disconnects for all 3 kegs
* 3 x tap shanks
* 3 x beer taps
* Tesuco regulator
* 2.6kg gas bottle (almost full)
* Beer lines

I am asking $750 for the lot. Not willing break up the items but would be willing to sell without the fridge. Just want to see her go to a good home. Pick up only and is located on the Northern Beaches. Will post more photos due to only being able to fit one on this post due to file size.
PM me if anyone is interested. Will answer all replies tonight when i finish work..... if any.
I've sold heaps of stuff here and have found that homebrewers are the biggest tightarses ever! We all love a great deal. I have made more money selling on eBay than on the forum, as people generally get great deals here.

Just giving you a heads up mate.

Thanks for the Tip. Put it on gumtree but haven't got any serious replies. Will put it on ebay when i have time.
is this setup still for sale? what sort of price are you thinking? Cheers..