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Must be hard trying to get a marketing competitve edge in the Japaneese beer market at the moment.


Japanese brewer toasts 'taste-changing' beer

TOKYO (AFP) - Japan's top brewer Asahi Breweries said it had developed a beer that changes taste over time as the fermentation process continues after it is bottled.

The Asahi Super Yeast Draft changes its aroma and flavor through a second phase of fermentation after its basic taste is created in the primary fermentation at factories, Asahi said in a statement.

The secondary fermentation continues for about two to three months, if bottles are kept in rooms with temperatures between 10 to 20 degrees Celsius (50 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit), Asahi said.

"After a month, its smooth taste is enhanced. In two to three months, the gorgeous aroma increases, giving the beer abundant and smooth flavor with crisp aftertaste," the company said.

The product will be introduced in eastern Japan for this winter.
You see this is why the marketing guys get paid the big bucks...

I reckon that is fantastic! I pray for the day that the "marketing idea" takes on here, and all brewers return to 50 years ago and put yeast back in the bottle.

I can just imagin the party conversations now
"Have you tried this new Victoria Yeasty?? It's just go so much flavour, I never imagined beer could taste so good"
jgriffin (victoria yeasty, I love it!)

One of my mates took a carton of coopers sparkling ale to the US when visiting friends. Evidently it went down a treat (although he reports the guys did not take into the alcohol vol)

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