Art Of Getting Paid To Drink

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I wonder if the NSW Arts Council wants to support me by buying me a B3 Sculpture and letting me brew on stage with paying punters watching :p


Art of getting paid to drink

LONDON: A Japanese artist has been paid 5000 ($11,800) of taxpayers' money to drink 48 bottles of beer and then fall off a wooden beam.

The "performance", which took place at an arts centre in Cardiff, has outraged members of the local council and caused bafflement among the public, many of whom do exactly that every Friday and Saturday night, without getting paid.

However, an arts centre spokesman said: "This wasn't just about a woman drinking a lot of beer. This was a powerful piece of art."

Tomoko Takahashi, 39, who performs under the name Anti-Cool, was once nominated for the Turner Prize for her installations of rubbish. She says her performance "comments on the availability and use of mass-produced products".

But she is now being accused of encouraging binge drinking.

Takahashi put on the performance art show at the Chapter arts centre in the Canton area of Cardiff. The 50 people watching the show, part of a month-long Experimentica 05 season, saw Takahashi dressed in a smart black business suit and high heels, drinking beer from a large bag suspended from the ceiling.

They then watched as she tried to walk across a narrow beam 60cm above the floor.

The three-hour act consisted of Takahashi drinking more and more beer and trying to see how far she could walk across the beam before she fell off.

David Davies, a Conservative member of the Welsh Assembly, not to be confused with the Tory leadership candidate, said: "If anyone is daft enough to want to see a young woman getting plastered and tottering around in high heels, they can do it in just about every city centre most nights of the week.

"The worrying thing is that people are making decisions to hand out taxpayers' money like this when they are sober."
WELL i am off to wales then :blink:

48 bottles in 3 hrs is a fair effort, even for stubbies. You wonder how she even found the beam to fall off. The Aus to England can record could be under threat :eek: ......and I bet none of them did it in high heels either :lol:
great story,
but i agree the 48 bottles in 3 hours sounds a little far fetched.
anyone able to source the video..? ha ha
Ross said:
In high heels Doc? :eek: :D

If I get the brewing sculpture and get to keep the brews too, then high heels would be a small price to pay :p

Could become a cult movie to drink to down at the local. Put it on the big screen, drink a beer and see if you can go further than she does.
Doc said:
Ross said:
In high heels Doc? :eek: :D
If I get the brewing sculpture and get to keep the brews too, then high heels would be a small price to pay :p
You might even get to keep the high heels.
I used to live just down the road from this place in Cardiff, and some of my earliest drinking memories (?) were from there. So good to see the spirit of the place is alive and well.
Doc certainly has the legs to be able to carry this off

well...once he shaves them
Not a fan of Doc au naturale, barf?
Does she weigh 150kg? I couldn't drink 48 stubbies in 3 hours and still be able to pick up a stubbie, let alone stand up, let alone find a beam to fall off.... :blink:

Unless maybe it was that coopers "non-beer" they sell at Coles......

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