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Hi all,

Planning to brew a basic pale ale tomorrow.

5kg Powells Ale
500g Powells Munich

SG about 1045

Bitter to 25IBU's with fuggles/hallertau

Wyeast 1099 Whitbread

Then I came to the realisation that the apricot tree is laden with fruit.

I was thinking of adding about 4kgs of fruit (got this amount from "Designing Great Beers") into secondary (glass) and leaving it to do its thing for about a month. Maybe chop fruit up small or puree it.

Anyone used apricots or similar before? How much fermentable sugar does it add? Any advice would be appreciated.


I would peal and destone them chuck them in a pot with water and boil them for a while until the flesh gets nice and mushy.. Then either straing the liquid off our just poor the pulp into the fermenter..
You can hust chuck fruit in, but the wine section of your local HB store should have pectinase. It is an enzyme that has the opposite effect of pectin on fruit.
Pectin sets fruit into jam, pectinase dissolves fruit into mush by breaking down the cell walls, releasing all the flavour etc inside. (lo-tech explanation)
You add it to the chopped fruit & some water, bring to a simmer then leave it all to cool overnight with a lid on it. Strain and add to the brew.
Chuck the hydrometer in the liquid you get after straining to figure out a rough sugar content.
We have found it useful for apples & lemons- but you will need to strain the result really well, and rack to secondary to get the brew off any leftovers after a couple of days to avoid bad flavours.

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