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Hey all,
So I recently brewed a pale 31 clone. It's a dry hopped pale ale, low bitterness but a load of hop flavour and aroma.

20 litre finished batch size

Malt bill was standard, 2 row and a touch of Munich and crystal 40
Mashed low

Hops, fuggels for bittering - 15 g

The rest of the hop additions where at 10 mins and flame out. Like 60g at 10 and 60 at zero. Cascade chinook and centennial.

Dry hopped with 60g of the same.

I seem to get too many IBUs on my late additions.

Can't be the 60 min addition can it? Fuggels is low super low alpha

Might it be something to do with the following?

At flame out I let the wort sit for like 15 mins to settle and then chill with a counter flow chiller.

My water is melbourne water. I live in Brighton.

Cheers in advance,
Letting it sit before chilling is almost as good as boiling.
Isomerization still occurs around 70-80 degrees.
I would get it under 30 as quick as poss.
Basically, your flameout is not really flameout unless you chill.
180g of late hops will add bitterness.

First I assume you are not using any brew software, I would get Beermsith/BrewMate and put the recipe in. Then you can see how many IBUs the 15g of Fuggles @ 60 are adding

I'm not sure where you got the recipe from, and what a "touch of Munich and crystal 40" is, is it 1% or 10%? But to me it looks like an out of balance beer assuming the 1%. If you post a proper recipe we can give proper feedback on this.

I have heard of some people cooling down to around 80 degrees before adding the flame out additions. Personally, I throw the flame out hops in and chill straight away with an immersion chiller, usually takes about 20 minutes to get to pitching temp.
Yeah that sounds like it. Better to move my 10 min addition to flame out and then flame out to 5 mins before I chill. Beersmith said it get around 34 IBUs. Tastes more like 50. Cheers
Chinook can be extremely overpowering depending on the size of the addition.

I cool my wort to 80degc before adding aroma hops then continue to chill through a cfwc.

Some good advice from the other posters....put the exact recipe up for assessment.


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