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I can't make out the brand, but I'm sure it would be a mess.
Unlike the truck that was in front of my bus most of the way to work this morning loaded with Heineken, James Squire, Tiger, and a bunch of megaswill.


Truckload of beer flips; driver not injured
By Chris Lambie Tuesday, April 5, 2005

A cleanup crew transfers boxes of beer from an overturned semi to a waiting truck yesterday. (Photo: Ryan Taplin)

HALIFAX Now that was a nasty spill. A truck carrying 46,368 bottles of Keiths beer flipped on an overpass yesterday as it headed north from Robie Street toward the Windsor Street interchange.
It is sad, said Capt. Scott Logan of the Halifax Regional Fire Service. Chances are they wont recover any of the beer.

I had a tear in my eye, actually, when I was watching it, said Halifax Regional Police Const. Mark Hobeck. It was full of beer. We were hoping a Hostess truck full of pretzels would come by, but no such luck.

Firefighters helped the experienced female driver climb out of the smashed tractor-trailer.

We got her out of the cab, Logan said. She was shaken up, but really not hurt just more frazzled than hurt.

The heavily damaged truck came to a stop up against a railing that prevented it from falling about 15 metres down to another roadway.

It would be a worse nightmare if shed gone further, Logan said. Thats a long way down.

The accident is still under investigation. Were not sure at this point what the cause was, whether it was a load shift or whether it had anything to do with how it was being operated, Hobeck said.

Traffic had to be re-routed for several hours as Ace Towing righted the truck and removed it from the accident scene.

The load of beer was headed to the CN yard before the 1:15 p.m. crash.

It was on its way to Ontario, said Irene Lane of Olands Brewery.

Another tractor trailer was sent to the scene to see if any of the beer could be recovered.

pitty this one didn't happen near my place.

i dont think it is, it happened in Holland. A truck carrying 2000 crates of Grolsch beer got grazed by another truck, forcing it to swerve and spill 2/3rds of its cargo.

another photo.

hi all,
I was once one of the first on site at a beer truck accident in the SE of South Australia,on the dukes/pricess highway
Unfortunalty this was in the days of West End Extra-light, and this was 80%of the cargo...yuck.


Man you would think Grolsch would have learned to avoid that stretch of road by now. There must have been close to a dozen similar incidents in the last year.
And every one has shown up here, sos?
sosman said:
Man you would think Grolsch would have learned to avoid that stretch of road by now. There must have been close to a dozen similar incidents in the last year.

Maybe the friendly woods animals are ambushing them.