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Andale 3 Tap Flooded Font, 3 Snaplocks And 2 Andale Floryte Taps

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seems like a fair price, but you might limit you market with the bar and stools, the 3 tap flooded font with 2 taps is worth $200-$250 ?? . Your also probably advertising in the wrong section.

please don't take this as being rude, that's not my intention
Thanks mxd, no offence taken there mate. I paid heaps more to get all that gear together, buying from different sources.

I will move the listing into a better category too :)


Ok I'm pissing the bar off tomorrow as we are installing a floating floor. Get the font, taps and snaplocks for $327. Happy to post, will be extra though.

This offer good until lunchtime tomorrow (after which I might be listing it on eBay at a higher price)