An AFD how hard is it?

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Since I started tricking up my home brew I find it increasingly difficult to put in an Alcohol Free Day. It isn't that I get blotto or anything, it's just those flavours that beckon. I'm brewing full extract at the minute and I am planning on stepping it up to partial mashes and eventually having a crack at AG. I can only imagine that this will exasperate my situation :beerbang:
I'm with you brother. And brewing AG will be worse. I find I have a beer every night, usually 2or 3.
If I'm not drinking my home brew I call into the bottlo to pick up a craft beer or two that I haven't tried yet.
Did that for a while, but now I take mon-wed off, & just have a couple on thurs. I find that drinking through the week takes the novelty out of the weekend. It's also good to give your liver a break.
Liam_snorkel said:
Did that for a while, but now I take mon-wed off, & just have a couple on thurs. I find that drinking through the week takes the novelty out of the weekend. It's also good to give your liver a break.
I do the same. Hit the gym most mornings before work so easier to give it a miss when you know you're going to be hurting in the morning. Also sucks when you invite people around for a new beer tasting and realise your keg is almost empty.
Same here, easy once you get into the habit of it, problem is still probably overdo it friday and saturday nights. With Irish/Scots heritage is it any wonder I like to have a drink ?
Yeah. I too have struggled to get many AFDs in since I took up AG brewing six months ago. I only usually have a single 500ml bottle, maybe a couple Fridays and Saturdays. I'm actually a pretty fit guy and try to eat well. I haven't noticed any real impact on my weight but I still worry that I don't get in enough AFDs. As you guys will know it's the pure enjoyment of drinking something you created. I wonder what's the long term impact on the body of this sort of moderate drinking. If you drink moderately like this do you really need AFDs? Anybody out there with medical training or perhaps knows the research evidence would like to comment?
The key is everything in moderation. Always ensure you stick to you regular AFD. I'm kinda looking forward to me next one, and it's only 307 days away.
I can AFD's without problem, problem is I just don't choose to do so often. I have however lately cut down a little don't know how or why, just have. I do AG and have done for the past five years and yes the tasty goodness does beckon.

I drink a lot of water just that some times I like to have mixed it with yeast, hops and malt to make it taste better :p .

Only drink about 2-3 nights per week on average, sometimes more but often less. Sometimes I drink every night for a month, then have two weeks off, without telling myself I 'have to stop drinkinging', it just happens naturally.

Alcohol is one thing I never will get addicted to I've found out, no matter how hard I try.

When I went down the keg route I was wondering wether I'd start drinking more having four beers on tap. I actually drank less, as I sometimes only had a small glass instead of cracking a tallie.

Nowadays when i drink beer I want to enjoy it, I often find myself too tired at the end of the night once the kids are in bed and I'll just leave it for the next day or whenever.
I drink most days. I tend to find I drink less in a sitting but more often. I've decided to do a booze free month every year (done two now) just to give the liver a break. I do find that when I go more than two or three weeks without booze, I start finding alternatives like chocolate to fill the void.

Should just stick to home brew.....
I get the hop shakes. If I don't drink at least one IPA a week, I get ... The Thirst. Nothing else will satisfy my cravings. I think I'm a hopoholic.
I'm trying to make it through weeknights without a beer, I do pretty OK. I do find it hard sometimes, especially after a shit day at work.
I drink at least one a night.... best way to come down after busy service. I have a major caffiene addiction so after 3-4 cups(mostly am) a day it helps me slow down...... The way I balance it out? I drink up to 6-7lt of water a day...
I only drink on weekends as a rule, and try to eat well and go to the gym most days during the week.

The weekend is pure hedonism... The taps begin to flow on Friday afternoon/night, and don't stop till Sunday afternoon :beer:
I have a strict Monday AFD which sometimes spills into Tuesday as well. School nights no pouring after 8pm and an absolute maximum of 3 a night but usually only 1-2. Weekends is a different story but I very rarely have a hangover, my 10 month old boy wakes up at 6:30 - 7am and apparently SWMBO needs her sleep in....

AG and 4 kegs on tap I thought was going to blow out my drinking but as Florian said you don't need to have tallie, just a small glass is sometimes enough.

Cheers and happy Friday
Since soccer has started (pre-season starts in December) I have been having tuesdays and thursdays off drinking due to training, and normally monday as well to give myself a break after the weekends. On wednesday ill normally only have 2-3 midi's (or schooners, depending upon what glass I reach for), but normally make up for the AFD's on a friday and saturday night which probably isn't the best way of doing things.

Either way, I don't find it difficult to go without a drink on those nights, but in saying that, that first mouthful always makes you realise just how great brewing your own really is..
I go through phases, sometimes i'll have a beer every night, then after a few weeks i get sick of beer, so the next few weeks i have 2 or 3 beers a week if that. I can easily go a week without a beer. 2 weeks though is a big stretch. Of course, it always depends on how good my beer is at the time haha

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