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i was just wondering wat els i can brew other than spirits beer and wine
and ive herd you can brew cola how dose one do this if any one has any ideas pleas reply

thanks in advance :D :D :D :D :D

cheers :chug: :chug: :chug: :chug:
Ginger beer is good, particularly with a dash of bundy. I did the Morgans, with just a kilo of raw sugar....tasted like the stuff we used to nick from Dad's stash as kids. The Morgans does contain artificial sweeteners...I believe there are some options for all natural kits.

I have seen a kit for sarsparilla at a HBS. Apparently comes out at about 3% AV, like the GB. My guess is you'd have to pretty keen on Sars to do it.

a lesson in spelling might do you the world of good ;)
good thing jazman is not not around.he would be very jealous. ;)
speaking of which where is the jazman...holidays or something the lucky bugger
Recently a friend and I had a challenge to make a girly drink. I fermented ribena + dextrose to make riboozer, and he fermented some red cordial.

Due to the large amounts of preservatives, we decided to use a yeast with lots of oomph, ie. champagne. They both ended up too dry, and not very nice.

At least I'm not as mad as the guy on here who fermented coke to make his poor mans porter :p
At least I'm not as mad as the guy on here who fermented coke to make his poor mans porter

Barfridge, I resemble that remark! ;)

Kwinchee, good to see you thinking outside the box. I made a batch of "Coke Fiend" as an experiment, using an el cheapo can of draught mix, and 2 litres of Coca-Cola & 300g of white sugar instead of a kg of dextrose, maltodex etc. It looked awful, but cleared up into an OK midstrength beer. Keeps no head on it, and has a strange but not unpleasant cola aftertaste. Will post the label up here this week.
The Duke was going to try the same thing with a can of Cooper's Nut Brown, but nothing has been heard from him for a while and he may well have died in the attempt.

I cannot imagine what Coke would taste like with the sugar fermented out of it.

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