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Batz Brewery...Hand crafted beers from the 'Batcav
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I came across this in the 'Bias' boating catalog , maybe good stuff for using on my AG set up

Food grade , takes hot water , has 3 way taps etc , and afforable
Yes notice the website is not working , they would not make them , they are just a boating warehouse.

They also have a place in Perth
208 Stirling Hwy
Claremont PH 93833234

[email protected]
Thanks Batz - I work near the Uni, so I might pop down there at lunchtime and have a look....

(the site is back up now)
Great !
Let me know what they are like , looks just what I am after , cover the tube with that foam stuff aircond. guys use on their tubing
yep - my thinking exactly.

Though the Quick Disconnects from morebeer are still right up there for me


Could not find the plumbing stuff on their web site...
I have their catalog , that's where I scanned the stuff
Goat do St Pats have those disconnects?
Let me know some of us are doing an order
great looking fittings goat.
just out of curiosity would it not be better? hard piping everything for an ag set up.
this is what im thinking of doing but then again im still in the early stages of just exactly what i want to end up with.

big d
Batz - that stuff is from morebeer - do a search for QD (quick Disconnect), or the model number is h501 IIRC. Thanks for the offer of St Pats, but I'm currently working through an order for morebeer which includes a pump.... (waiting for authority from treasury)

BigD - The idea with the disconnects is to make it as flexible as pos (we don't all have the same access to ball valves :rolleyes: ) so that one hose (say from supply to the MT from the HLT) can be taken off the pump and reused to circulate the chilled water through the kettle. Basically if I have male fittings on all major pieces of equipment, I can have a couple of hoses with the females and just snap them on where needed. As Asher points out, its important to have the females on the hose so that you don't have to put your beer down to change hoses (with one hand) :)

Hard plumbing and valves is certainly a legit way of doing it though....

BTW I bought an elbow at the BIAS at lunchtime and a little lenght of that hose that is supposed to be 'water' hose, it has a white plastic internal lining of 2mm and a clear external lining of about another 1mm. I might boil it all for a while tonight to see what happens.... The white hose just fits onto the elbow - which is really intended for the semi-rigid opaque grey hose (heated it whoucl be OK). You can't see the fluid in either of these tubes however.
How does it look Goat?

Look like a good idea?
another question for you flexy hose guys.
what sort of hose do you plan on using?
available local or do we require it to come from the usa?
im 50/50 on hard piping or using flexy hose.
I've got some of the QD's Goat is looking at from morebeer in my hot little hand at the moment.... will bring one along to westcoast brewers tonight for you to drool over.
very smooth action. although not pressure checked them yet...
O-Ring should be easily replaced for longevity too....
Asher for now
Have you looked at my first post this thread?
Food grade , hot or cold water tested to 90 psi,
only $3.95 per meter and right here in Ozz !
Yeah - I had a look at that and it seemed OK especially for the water side, but for some of the lines I'd prefer something I can see through.

I was thinking of going for some of the silicon tubing from morebeer

I'm not sure how the standard clear vinylk tubing handles 80deg water - others may have more experience with it at those temps.....?
Too easy , I'll make a sight glass , intended ding this anyway

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