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I have a few simple questions

1. What do you guys use for CC I see that some of you use a Jerry what exactly is a Jerry.

2. There was talk on a thread about buying LME in bulk, and some one mentioned storing it in a bucket with a honey gate - what is a honey gate and where do I get one.

Thanks Guys. :chug:
I use a plstic jerry can which I got from KMart for $20 in the camping section. Blue plastic sucker which I think is closer to 25L than the 20L stated. USed for storing water in for camping I think, just give it a good clean and a soak in weak bleach sol to get the plastic smell out of it.

Never seen a honey gate either?
This is a picture of a honey gate.
It is in place of your normal fermenter tap.
So you buy a fermenter full of liquid extract with a bigger tap (honey gate).


here is one installed in a fermenter/pail/bucket.


BTW Grain and Grape have them on their price list here for $29.95.

Apiarists supply shops also sell honeygates, and may have a second hand bin with hg already installed

Jovial Monk
Apart from using it quickly, are there any tips on storing LME? Does it go off easily? preferred temps etc.
Keep it cool, I guess

Mold tends to grow on the surface of the LME in an opened & resealed drum

Jovial Monk
I'm also interested in hearing people's experience with bulk LME. I've just purchased a container, honey gate and bucket. It's currently sitting in the garage waiting to be used but I might throw it into my CC freezer.

For reference, gate($17) and bucket ($16) came from Bindaree in Canberra(www.bindaree.com.au).
Bulk LME

I have been using Bulk Lme for the past 3 years.
Mine is stored in an old snap lock fermenter with a honey gate. The lid never gets opened until the malt is finished.
I clean and sterlise with boiling water - this is my entire sterlisation routine - only ever use boiling water...

This is stored in the shed ontop of the brew cupboard so that i can still reach up and open the gate when i want some. In Canberra - minus 8 to plus 35 celcius outside - no idea what that was inside the shed.

Never got any mould. Stayed usable and was used in my award winning recipees. No complaints so far.

hope this helps.
Well what about Dry LME GMK. Have you ever had to store large amounts of that?
Im getting some soon.
Actually while I am in the "A few simple questions" thread.
What is recommended for bulk purchases? Liquid or Dry?
Who has used what and whats the experiences with it like?


Never worried about Dry because it was TOO Expensive.

I get 28kg of LME for $85.00.
DME was over 150 for 25kg...

Unless some one can correct me.
Thanks GMK.
But if you could get a good price on Dry is it better to get that?
Plus where do u get the LME from?


Got mine from Grumpys. $85 for 28kg extra pale LME. Postage to Canberra was around $20.

From memory, Grain and Grape sell for $89.
Thanks daveisbludging,
Trying to get to the G&G tomorrow for some yeast. I Havent been there yet so will check it out.

GMK said:
I get 28kg of LME for $85.00.
DME was over 150 for 25kg...
OK Ken, where do you get your LME?
We Stu

Got my last one from Grumpys.
Free freight in SA if you spend over $50.00.

I have amber and light at home - you can come in with mine if you want to...

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