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Arghonaut said:
Funny, i have been calculating mine as 10 minutes and been happy with the results. Probably depends a bit on process aswell, ie how long after flame out until it gets in the cube. Ambient temps might also play a role? I imagine a beer cubed on a summer morning will cool alot slower then one cubed on a winter evening.
Process will definitely play a roll in the bitterness obtained from cubing (IMO).

I will be the first to admit, I don't normally whirlpool for as long as most, and may play a part in my beers (perceived) bitterness. The concrete slab in the garage tends to hold a fairly steady temp (especially being located at the bottom of a 2 story block of apartments and the brewery in the storage area out the back doesn't get any sunlight) so I haven't noticed too much of a change between rates of cooling over summer/winter, although I am sure they would be somewhat different.

As per most things brewing, learn your system and adjust accordingly. Everyone can give advice on what a brewer should do, but may not be (as) appropriate for the individual system.

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