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I'm thinking of trying a partial mash BIAB for my next brew, & was hoping for some expert opinion on my proposed recipe.
I've used Ianh's BIAB spreadsheet to calculate this, as it seemed a bit better than the K&K spreadsheet of his to do what i want.

I'm kinda trying to test out a APA or AIPA style beer, as a test run of a Hop Thief clone (previous thread). So i've guessed at this basic recipe;

Briess Munich 1.5L
Pilsner Pale Malt 1.5kg
Munich 0.5kg
Crystal, Med 0.25kg
Vienna 0.25kg

Columbus 10g at 60min
Simcoe 10g at 20min
Columbus 20g at 5min
Simcoe 20g at 5min
Columbus 20g at 0min
Simcoe 30g at 0min
Simcoe 30g dry-hopped


Using the BIAB spreadsheet & guesstimating the 1.5L LME is the equivalent of 2kg grain (50% Munich, 50% Pale), the results should be:
OG 1.050
FG 1.010
Alc: 5.7% (in bottles)
38.2 IBUs
23.2 ECB

Does this recipe/regime look ok?

So the plan will be to do the Mash in about 5L of water (2.5kg grain), then dunk & rinse in another 2-3L of water. I only have a 10L pot ATM, so i need to keep the boil volume under 7L i think so i can boil the wort properly.
I've read that you should use about 3L per kg of grain, and sparge with ~4L per kg. Will the volumes i'm using be adequate? or do i need to get a bigger pot or smaller volume of grain?
Another option may be to halve the grain amount and replace with ~500-750g light malt DME.

The basic regime was to strike at 76°C, Mash at 67°C for 90min. Boil the 8L or so for an hour doing the hop additions. Add the LME at the end. Late hop the 0min additions when the wort temp drops to 80°C or so. Steep for 15-20 min while chilling in ice bath. Strain into fermenter. Bring up to 20L and pitch rehydrated Safale05 when it hits 22°C.

How's that sound?


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The above looks more like a partial brew than a true BIAB all grain?
I would just make a mini batch without the LME. When its fermented and the flavour profile blows you away, then go get a bigger pot and go full volume :beerbang:

Also, 60min mash will suffice at those temps, with Pilsner malt consider a 90min boil.

Lord Raja Goomba on these forums or NickJD should be able to help you in this quest. Both have brewed often with small pots.
Edit: I brew a single batch in an 80L pot so my experience is not much help to you!

my 2c.



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Thanks D80!

Yeah - it's meant to be a partial BIAB, rather than a full AG - my bad putting mis-labelling the thread.

Ha - it didn't even occur to me to do an AG half-sized batch.
I guess i was originally keen to use a bit of grain to boost a K&K batch, then realized (courtesy of manticle pointing it out) that to do any Pale as grain, i'd have to do some sort of mash. That then evolved into doing a 2.5kg Mash. And now your suggesting to bite the bullet, drop the whole K&K thing and just try an AG...

This brewing thing is a very slippery slope!! As i wrote the initial entry, saying a only have a 10L pot, i was just thinking "maybe i can just pop out tmrw & grab a 15L pot..."

So now i'm tossing up whether to try a modified/enhanced K&K-type effort, or a mini AG BIAB. I must admit i think i'm more tempted to reduce the amount of grain to a more manageable amount (or rather a manageable amount of water) and just add 500g of Light Malt DME.

Any other feedback/suggestions?


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Mate if your wanting to buggerise around with all that.........don't.............just do a proper Biab. Get onto NickJD's thread and your there already. The force is strong in you young Skywalker.......................just trust yourself. $20.00 will get you a 20l pot from BigW. You already have a 10l one to do a dunk sparge if you want.

Nicks Biab for under $30.00 has been linked this week so just search back.

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