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Almost ready to fire out a couple of batches on my new BIAB AG rig, finally moving off the stovetop. Have come up with the following recipes, just want to sense check them.

The first is an APA with Zythos and Summit, reading around people tend to think summit is a great bittering and aroma hop, and zythos a great flavour hop in combination with something a bit dank, so i think they should pair well together:

Zee Mountain (American Pale Ale)

Original Gravity (OG): 1.051 (P): 12.6
Final Gravity (FG): 1.013 (P): 3.3
Alcohol (ABV): 5.01 %
Colour (SRM): 7.8 (EBC): 15.3
Bitterness (IBU): 56.8 (Average - No Chill Adjusted)

76.19% Pale Ale Malt
19.05% Munich I
4.76% Caramalt (Dark)

0.4 g/L Summit (16.8% Alpha) @ 60 Minutes (Boil)
0.9 g/L Zythos (10% Alpha) @ 5 Minutes (Boil)
0.9 g/L Summit (16.8% Alpha) @ 0 Minutes (Boil)
0.9 g/L Zythos (10% Alpha) @ 0 Minutes (Boil)

Single step Infusion at 66C for 60 Minutes. Boil for 60 Minutes

Fermented at 18C with US-05

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The 0 min hops will be in the cube, so expect the IBU to be somewhat lower, in Brewmate with nochill ticked the 0 min additions are adding 25 or so IBU. I am aiming for 40 overall, so is expecting about 10IBU from those additions more realistic? Just want to make sure as i have never brewed with summit before, and 16.8% AA is nothing to sneeze at.

Second recipe is a simple Irish Red, however, i have a CPA clone fermenting at the moment, and i am really tempted to do the Red with the recultured coopers yeast. I have done an amber ale before with coopers yeast and really liked it, any good reason not to try it?

Sunburnt Red (Irish Red Ale)

Original Gravity (OG): 1.056 (P): 13.8
Final Gravity (FG): 1.014 (P): 3.6
Alcohol (ABV): 5.50 %
Colour (SRM): 13.0 (EBC): 25.6
Bitterness (IBU): 30.9 (Average - No Chill Adjusted)

85.91% Pale Ale Malt
9.45% Carared
4.3% Caraaroma
0.34% Chocolate, Pale

0.9 g/L Magnum (12.5% Alpha) @ 60 Minutes (Boil)

Single step Infusion at 66C for 60 Minutes. Boil for 60 Minutes

Fermented at 18C with Recultured Coopers.

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