30l Kegs. Do They Exist, If So What Comes In Them?

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Hi guys, just a quick question.
I'm pretty sure I've heard mention of 30L SS kegs.
Can anyone start to list off which breweries or which beers come in those 30L kegs? So far I've seen nothing but 50's in my area so I'm trying to find out what brands/breweries use the 30's in the hope that I may know somewhere that sells the beer so I can go have a look at these 30L kegs and admire their beauty ;).

I'm not really after the squat ones (have seen a few of these on ebay) but the slightly taller ones (if they exist?). I'm thinking maybe it's the imported beers that come in these but then maybe they don't exist at all. So basically I'm just asking if anyones seen them or know's what beer may come in one so that hopefully I may stumble upon one. Just to look at ;).

justin, im going to have a chat to the local pub owner (large pub). And he is going to show me what they have in ways of kegs, so i can check for you.

im sure you are aware of what i need on for, but if i can find out what type of beer comes in them, or if in fact they do exist, ill post back tonight if i have time, or tomorrow.

cheers mate
A mate of mine pulls beers for a living and i remember him telling me that heinekan came in 30L kegs. He reackoned the industry was heading that way due to occ health and safety issues. But i wouldnt have thought so considering the cost involved.

Im wondering, how does one go about cleaning out commercial kegs for home brew use? Those kegs dont have a hatch that opens up like the post mix kegs.
;) I only want to look at it :D. I had another purpose in mind actually. But, it can be done for homebrew but it's a bit more messing around than with a normal post mix. Before I got postmix kegs I actually considered just filling them once then returning them to the place of origin for the brewery to clean. And in the process selecting a new one. But. Apparently it's a little bit harder to get the spear back in than it initially appears due to the need to compress the oring-I've never tried. You can make a little tool to do this though.

Cheerio. JD
For 30 litre kegs try Craig deacon at Keg Systems, I am pretty sure he has some still.
I've also heard that the Bundy Dark and Stormy product comes in the 30 litre kegs.

Thanks guys. Gives me some direction anyway. I'll see what I can dig up.

Cheers, Justin
went to the pub, manager was off sick, so i spoke to one barman, he didnt have a clue about anything. I went out the back to look at the empties, and there were small kegs with guiness stamped on em, but i think they were smaller then 30L, maybe 20L or something

anyway i will find out for sure when athe manager is back
I know for sure that Bundy & cola comes in the 30L kegs.
I believe that stuff like Kilkenny, Guiness,Bulmers etc all come in the 30L kegs as well.
They are all the squat kegs so they are the same diameter as a 50L keg but around half the height.
Generally, the Guys are correct. however, the Guinness ones are 25l.

There was a comment regarding cleaning that I may be able to assist with.

1. Dont pull the spear out. Brewers tend to want to sdismantle everything, there is no need.
2. Using your keg coupler with the non-return valve removed, hook up a garden hose to the product outlet, turn it on and place the keg upside down...wheelbarrow handles are good for this. The gunk and water will escape via the CO2 inlet.
3. once rinsed, allow to drain.
4. Make up a solution of line cleaner or whatever you clean with... you need about 5 litres.. rack this solution into the keg via the coupler and give it a good shake and allowew to stand for an hour or so.
5. Rinse with the hose as above.
6. Make up 5 litres of sanitising solution, rack in as before and shake it around.
7. rinse again as before. The keg is clean.
8. as an extra, you can do the final rinse with HOT water by racking it in.

Hope this helps.

Probably a stolen unit... definately worth checking what the makers name is on the side of the keg before bidding, as you may end up buyinf something that you can't actually legally own.
I think if the label is from a defunct or oveseas brewery, you are probably allright.

Certainly looks like an illegal one, in which case why pay for one - just go out and "find" one yourself :ph34r: