2004 Beer Style Guidelines

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Thanks for that Hopeye,

Another year, another 10 styles. :huh:

Might go and make me an American Style Low-Carbohydrate Lager :lol: :lol:

Yeah right!

Warren -
A lot of the beer styles are really only good for a laugh. OK you need to know them for comps, but they have little relationships to the history of a style.

E.g. while there are still a few Milds of 6% or so abv, the guidelines say a mild must have an abv of only 3.5%

A stout, originally a Stout Porter which meant a strong porter, well todays anaemic guidelines mean we should call them small black beers :) All of todays stouts and porters are just pale + coloring malts anyway, no brown malt anywhere near them.

Jovial Monk
Thanks hopeye.

Beer styles and their guidelines is a continual evolution depending on available malts and technologies and many other factors.

Part of the brewers skill is to match the guidelines, not to throw their hands up and say my beer is better because it has xyz factor.

You can brew to win competitions, to please your own tastebuds, to be historically correct, or to wear beerglasses all the time. Your beer, your choice.
Excellent reply...lager


I brew for me and prefer to brew what i call memorable beers - just a little different so that they remember the GMK - been told i am hard to forget.

Having said that - i have had success in comps and the nationals...
but i like a stout with hops
Agreed GMK, but, I also like to know the type of style the beers I brew are closest to.... I don't brew for comps, I brew for my taste, but, I also like to know how far off or on target my tastes actually are, if that makes any sense.

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