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19 Litre Cornelius Kegs

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Chippy said:
Hi Ross,

Will spare parts be easily obtainable? If so how much for things like seals, gas reliefs, etc.
Also ross is there plans to bring out a 50L version, I would be very interested.


Spare parts will be easily obtainable - There was a lot of thought put into the design of these (built to our specs) & should be easier & no more expensive to service than the cornys...

Ozbrewer, I can't see the price dropping, for quite a while especially against the cost of new kegs currently in Aus - Also Stainless Steel has more than doubled in price over the last year or so. But the price is the retail price & I will be offering up to anyone intetrested a bulk buy at the wholesale level - just waiting for the first container load to arrive - i think they are looking at 75% 23L & 25% 12L from initial retail interest...40L & 45L are in the planning stage...

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