1100 To 1040, Can I Bottle?

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i put a coopers lager down with a 3787 wyeast, along with obscene amounts of sugar, plus some honey and liquid malt extract. it was in primary for about 2.5 weeks then i racked it to secondary but didnt leave much behind in the primary (mostly as a got a new fermenter that i could actually see into)

so it been nearly a month since i put this turkey down, since it started at 1100 and now seems stable at 1040 i want to bottle some and then toss my coopers lager yeast in to see if it will come down further

suggestions? :ph34r: :huh: :huh: :ph34r:
How much malt extract did ya use? 1040 seems high, considering the honey and sugar should ferment out completely
was about 500gms, i think!

but the sugar... 2kg coopers no2, about 500gms brewiser sugar as well

i'm new to this and stupidly didnt make a starter for the 3787, but it seemed to go off like a rocket, so much it shot yeast out of the airlock in my bodgy old fermenter.
Ah, this is more info than your post on grumpy's. You need a good starter with a brew that size, with that much sugar it would have gone off like a rocket to start with but rooted itself before it finished.
so is it rooted then?

what do you reckon, get another 3787 and make a starter, use the coopers yeast with a starter or start again? (not so keen on the latter, the bits i have tried actually taste ok!)
The yeast may be rooted, but your beer isn't necessarily rooted. I would have used a nice big starter right from the first with a beer of that OG.
a lesson learned. can even save some dough by keeping some in the fridge i hear after a starter has been made...

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