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    Hop Dealz Australia

    +1 great service & many thanks!
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    Syd Craftbrewer FWK Bulk Buy 2013

    ah bugger missed out again. Next time please give a little more time for people to find out about it, not everyone visits here every day.
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    Hop Dealz Australia

    Cheers. I have a Topaz FWK and I'd like to dry hop it with the same. No hurry as I won't be doing it for at least a few weeks. pm sent. ps sorry my posts have no paragraph spacing, this forum doesn't like my return key...
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    Hop Dealz Australia

    Dear Mr Mean Yob, Are you expecting or intending to have Topaz hops available for sale in the next month or so? yours kindly, Ploto
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    Supposing I Found a Keg?

        Your brewery will now be powered by your own sense of self satisfaction! ...until it grinds to a halt on the rusting wheels of regret.
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    Supposing I Found a Keg?

    What would Jerzy Balowski do?
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    Mosaic and galaxy for amarillo FWK

    I've been steeping hops in the top-up water for FWKs and that works pretty well. Ditto Yob on not adding crystal, unless you think it needs it.
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    1.5L Grolsch rubber gaskets

    There are two different types of 1.5l Grolsch bottles. The older ones that have rubber seals that are easily removable, and the newer, slightly taller bottles that have a silicon seal bonded to the ceramic plug (as pictured above) and which cannot be removed without damaging it.
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    Choc Porter/Stout recipe, critique please

    Search this forum for cocoa nibs and pay attention to posts by manticle.
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    First batch about to go down, advice needed on my recipe?

    I concur with Bum in that the kit can plus the can of liquid extract alone will make a more than decent beer, no need for the brew enhancer or dextrose. If you're after a stronger alcohol content then drop the total volume by a litre or two - the spreadsheet will help you work this out. No need...
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    Waimea Hops - Any experiences to share?

    To expand on my comment, it was a 10l extract batch with 30g of waimea added at 10 mins - a '10-minute APA' if you will. Unfortunately it fatally stalled at 1.020 and was never bottled, but much was drunk from the fermenter and the first hit was pineapple, followed by passionfruit with hints...
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    Waimea Hops - Any experiences to share?

    FWIW I got pineapple from a 10min addition of Waimea hops.
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    First beer Analysis

    Ian's Kit and Extract Excel spreadsheet may be more useful - see the pinned topic at the top of the kit/extract forum. Wheat beer kits will not benefit from being 'toucanned' (save that for beers you want strong and/or bitter). You can get a very good wheat beer from extracts, more so if you...
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    Starter for 15l kolch @ 1.060 (actually it's a bock)

    Well fark me, the FWK is a bock not a kolch! Dunno why I had that in my head. I actually went in to get a porter or stout but they had none so I got the only dark beer they had. Does this change anything? Sorry for the confusion, that's what running out of beer does to me. And I thought the...