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Hey Guys,

I've got a bit of a stange request here. But I am trying to track down an old fashion alarm clock. It needs to be one that was before the digital LED displays and has the old 'ticking over' numbers to display the time (same as the one you see in Ground Hog Day).

I'm shooting a commerical in the comming weeks and I need this for the shoot.

If anyone has one that they they were going to throw out or is stored up in the shed for some reason and isn't being used, please let me know.

I will compensate for the loss of your old clock and cover any shipping costs (or if you are in Sydney then it is probably better).

The clock needs to be working.

I thought it was worth a shot...especially with the spring cleaning going on!
Well, we have google ads for digital timers, digital alarm clocks, LCD clocks and military time pieces... but no old school alarm clocks.

I think my parents might have one or two. There might be a skanky 80's style one, not sure if I can dig you up a classy retro one if that matters.

I'll ask my pa if we have a working one we don't need and get him to put it on standby if you don't get a Syderney one.
Well, looks like the skanky 80's one has a skanky demon-red LED to go with it. Sorry fella.

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