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Anyone up for this ? :lol:


Spouses vie for national wife-carrying glory
One lucky man could win his wife's weight in beer this weekend if he is strong enough to carry her across an obstacle course at the inaugural Australian wife-carrying championships, being held in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales.

Organiser Peter Heffernan says the competition is open to anyone and entrants do not have to be married to participate.

Along with the beer there is also a $3,500 prize.

Mr Heffernan says the winner will be invited to participate in the international championships in Finland later this year.

"It's 80 metres, [the] potential competitor must really read the rule book, which you can get off the Internet," he said.

"There's two hurdles they must go over, there's a sand pit that's about 10-metres long and that will really work the thigh muscles out, and there's a water course, believe [it] or not - it's eight-metres long, five-metres wide by one-metre deep, and they have to go through the water with their passenger on their back and every time a passenger touches the ground it's a 15-second penalty."
Otherwise, if your wife is too heavy to carry, Grand ridge brewery has a "Win your weight in beer comp". You can be in the running just by entering online. Just enter her in that one.

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