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Bentleigh Brau Haus
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Ferntree Gully - Melbourne
I am in need of parts for my tap setup. I need the "white plastic threaded mold" that fits into the tier. the "disconect" fits onto this and the tap itself clicks in and out of this.

I have been having trouble with it for a while and after finally taking it out the thread looks to be buggered and i can stop the leak (back into the teir itself)

I had a O ring problem but good ol' GMK sent me a replacment and it has fixed that problem.

Is anyone now selling the tap parts or know where in melbourne i can find this plastic part?

(3 hours latter Ben) i need some more beer!

P.S i must have been doing somthing right i took the skin off my knuckles :)
gday ben
if its an andale check out there web site.
they have break down pics of the tap and parts and part numbers.
hope this is of help.

big d
I have the anedale taps but its the plastic bit the connector screws into, and the tap clicks into this. hence its not really part of the tap more the tier...

its the bit the beer line screws into
sorry ben
reckon gmk may be able to help somewhat.
unless you know the manufacturer of the tier.
maybe go to the local and find one with a similar set up and ask them about a source of spares or even give you one.
dont forget to take the part with you.saves explaining

big d

Contact GSRMan
He will talk to Timbo and get you another one.

The part is the plastic/nylon screw in fitting that goes into the chrome 3 tier font.

the snap lock fitting screws into this. This is made of nylon to stop the beer getting warm from the tower.

Hope this helps.

As a tempory measure - try wrapping some plumbers tape around teh Nylon thread and screw back into the tower.

This should stop any leaks until you get it replaced.

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