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Just curious what the rest of the brewing world uses.
I use Iodophor (BHT).
I use Pink Stain.
Works for me.

Pink stain (Pink Steri) on most of my gear for brewing, "One Shot" in my beer lines, and Proxitane for my kegs.
I use boiling water for all of my little bits. For my fermenter and bottles I often use Bi-Lo baby bottle sanitiser. It's about $2 a bottle and is a little more than enough for a whole brew.

My kingdom! My kingdom for an Auto Clave in my shed!!! :D
I use iodophor - measured using a small syringe - 1ml per litre.

After fermentation I soak the fermenter in a bleach solution for a few days - along with whatever other plastic that needs cleaning.

I've read that nappy san is good on stainless steel and preferable to bleach.

I mostly use brew chlor from the grain and grape these days. Its slightly concentrated white king. After letting everything soak in the solution for at least 1/2 and hour I rinse thourghly, then use. So far (touch wood) I haven't had an infection. I used to use sodium met, but have read that it is rather nasty stuff to inhale. ( still use it, as campden tablets in winemaking )

I (now) use One-Shot which I get from Grumpy's. From memory it's Ortho-Phosphoric acid - I've had no problems with it and so far it's pretty easy to use (only used it on 3 brews).

Apparently they use it in the dairy industry??? You can read about it at their website www.grumpys.com.au

1 teaspoon per Litre - can be reused. $6 for a small bottle (250ml i think).

I also fill up my fermentor with water and add a half cup of bleach between brews - helps get rid of smells etc / keep it clean
I use Sodium Met on everything. Never had a problem with it and it's cheap.
No Frills household bleach. 3ml per litre. 5mins soak time and rinsed well afterwards

Also not a single infection, no off taste and cheap!
I use MILTONS Baby bottle sanatiser.
It comes in tablet form. 2 tablets make 20 ltrs.
Never had a problem . :D
Brew Shield.

No Problems whatsoever.

No Smell, No rinse, works for me, quick too.

More time for drinking beer or making more :)

my two bob

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