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What do I do next.
I've been doing kits and using LME & DME & Hops. I've had really good results with this but I'd like to try some thing else. What is the next step!!! :chug:
Partial mashes. Make a mini mash tun and use about 1-2 kg of base and specialty grains in your next brew. Make up OG with extract. Alternatively, or concurrently get into full wort boils.
or an even smaller step. Steep 100grams of crystal malts in hot water.

Bigfella, like Wedge said, the next step is steeping crystal grains. Once you get the hang of that, partial mashes will be a breeze and will improve your beers 100-fold.
What is the best way to find out how to do this. I have Jon palmers book but it is full on with mashing. I was wondering if there is a simple guide.
G'Day Bigfella,
I dont know where you live but if you are in Adelaide you could go to Grumpys or Goliaths or Jovial Monks.
All these guys are very knowledgeable and would be able to help you.
If not in SA you would have to source a shop or club that will help in your state.
These forums are also a wealth of info if you ask the questions.

Below is a site I just found on partial mashing if you want to have a look.
I dont think the wort chiller is necessary at that level, all I used for cooling was sit the pot in a sink full of cold water for about 20 mins and change the water regularly. You could make up some ice in your freezer by freezing water in cardboard milk containers and add these to the sink on hotter days


Go on take the next step - You wont regret it!

Big fella,

Someone already posted the link to my PartialMash pictorial page. It went very smoothly, I didn't bother with first steeping grains. The beer is tasting good.

Today I tried something a bit more ambitious, getting the boil up to 15 litres (in a 19 litre pot). It went ok but the wort barely trickled out the screen I made for my mash tun so I ended up using tossing all the grain in the colander that I used on the above page. I will definitely be giving it another go. The second attempt can be found at PartialMash/2

I haven't been getting great efficiency but the neat thing with partial mashes is that it doesn't matter, you just make up the missing OG with malt extract.

As for the wort chiller, it wasn't hard to make and I can cool in about 15 minutes. I have tried cooling stuff before in the sink and it seems to take forever.
Nice site sosman,
Very informative for a beginner like myself. Lots of photos.
Thanks for the links to Advance Chemicals. Nice price on the phosphoric acid there. I will get some and save myself the rinsing.

johnno said:
Thanks for the links to Advance Chemicals. Nice price on the phosphoric acid there. I will get some and save myself the rinsing.
If you are making the trip to advance chemicals get a litre of LABS acid too. 1 litre will last a lifetime. I keep phos acid and labs acid (10:1) in a squirter bottle and then I'm ready to go with any sanitising (a few teaspoons of this mix to a litre of water). Shake like buggery and let the foam do the work. Drain well but don't worry about the foam. I leave this mix in there until I am ready to use the vessel.

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