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I'm looking for some guidelines for wet hopping.

Is there a preferred point in the brewing process at which they are used (boil, ferment, post-ferment)?

What quantities should be used?

Any other general tips, info or recipes?

BTW, I've tried searching the forum for information about wet hopping however most of the threads are about "what people intend to do" however there's not much info about how things turned out.


G'day cpsmusic,
I reckon just use 4 times as much as you would of a dry hop.
I love the different flavour notes that come through from wet hopping. :)
Not sure about anyone else but I am sure i have spoiled a brew or 2 by wet hopping late in the ferment.
Im not sure if the 'unsanitised' hop addition caused some dank funky note or it was poor yeast management from the beginning, but it has happened twice and thus i do not wet hop without a quick blanch these days.
Are folks wet hopping without any hop treatment. I.e. dumping flowers into fermenting wort etc without any heat treatment?
imo if you want a good beer then dont use wet hops at all. every commercial wet hop beer ive tried has been a grassy horrible mess and the one i brewed this year with my own cacsades was no better.ymmv and im sure some poeple enjoy that in a beer just not me.
I used wet hops very successfully late in the boil and 5 days into primary (beer was at FG) no grass at all.
Extract the lupulin from the green matter straight off the bine and all is good, i used 6g of extract / L in primary and the aroma was great, is taking ages to fade as well, have a couple of bottles left.

I will be dedicating my entire next chinook crop (should be around 3kg) to this process and going to use it all to make 10 - 12L of some crazy hoppy beer.

Have a search for hop hash, Dr Smurto and Phil over at BA have done similar things.

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