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Does anybody know the answer to this: when volumes are quoted in recipes on American web sites (eg. "pour wort into fermenter and top up to 5 Gals"), are they referring to a U.S liquid measure or U.S dry measure? The reason I ask is because if you convert 5 gallons (U.S Liquid) to metric, it is only approx 19L, which seems a bit light on for final wort volume. However, if you convert 5 Gals (U.S Dry), you get approx 22L, which seems closer to the money. This is confusing to me as I would have thought wort volume would logically be referred to in U.S Liquid units. Am I going crazy? :blink:
No you're not going crazy. They're certainly talking about 5 US liquid gallons which is indeed 18.93 litres. US liquid measures are different to British/Imperial. 5 imperial gallons equal 22.7 litres. (There's probably a story about this but I don't know it.)

Take a look at


You can choose to convert to British or US liquid measures. (also handy for converting to Russian shkaliks and ancient Roman kognees.)

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Americans often use glass carboys to ferment the wort and theseare suited to 19L ( 5 US gallons) capacities.
Thanks Reg and Barry. I take it this means that, when following an American recipe, I should increase the quantity of each ingredient slightly if I want to make a 22L batch?
Yes, times the amounts by 22/19 or increase the amounts by approx, 15%.
See how your OG etc compare and adjust if necessary.

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